Switch to Telegram

After a little research, the communication team came up with a simple solution for our language problem: due to the fact that not every member of the organization knows a common language, we found out that Telegram makes it easy to translate messages.

The proposal is to create a new group on Telegram, with the same people that are already there on Whatsapp, and continue discussion there, so the first step for everyone should be: if you don’t already have Telegram on your phone or desktop, download and install it.


If you have a smartphone with Android, open Google Play or F-Droid, if you have an iPhone go to the app store, and search for “Telegram” (Telegram X has more options, it’s for advanced users, and it’s a good alternative, if you prefer). Click on install and wait for the download and install process to complete.


If you have a MacBook go to the app store, and search for “Telegram” (Telegram X has more
options, it’s for advanced users, and it’s a good alternative, if you
If you have a PC you can use Telegram web or go on – click on Apps on the top menu – click on Telegram for Windows/Mac/Linux – download and install the app.

Insert all the needed data and once you’re all set, click on the “search” icon in the top right corner (a little magnifying glass). In the search field insert @sst18 and write me a message with your Name, your Nationality and your Phone number (with the international code – for example +39… for Italy). I will be glad to add you to the organization group.

Message translation

While waiting or once you’re in the group, you can follow this simple video and enable automatic translation for messages (if the video is too quick, the steps are written under it)

click on the three horizontal lines on the top left corner;
click on Settings;
scroll all the way down;
click on Language;
choose your language, if it’s not your favorite one;
toggle on the switch called “Show Translate button”.

You’re all set! You can go back to conversations and enjoy Telegram.

From now on, if you don’t understand a message, just click on it and choose “Translate”, a popup text will appear, with the translation of the message in your chosen language.

Discord: an easy conference tool

For our voice or video conversation, for our quick exchange of documents, for some other necessities, we can use the Discord server we created.
Discord doesn’t have a built-in translator like telegram, so all written conversations must be translated with an external app (if you use Discord in the browser, you can have extensions that auto-translate the content, it’s easy and quick). But it’s great for voice and video conversations.
Every group can have meetings in their own room, easily communicate and share documents with everyone.
We suggest you download the app and install it on your phone, but if you don’t want to, you can easily use discord from any browser. Just go on and create an account.
The Log-in process is really faster with your app on the phone (using the QR code), but once you create an account, send a mail to: with your name, country and username (the username is your chosen nickname followed by a sharp character and a number – for example iamapoet#2137).
You’ll receive an invitation to join the WPSO server, and once you’re in, we’ll give you permissions to enter the groupchat channels you’re part of.

Every question about the use of Discord, can be asked directly on our server, so that everyone can benefit from the public answers we provide.