World Poetry Slam Organization

We are getting ready! 

We would like to thank all the organizations and individuals who sent us their proposals for the Satellite Program of the World Poetry Slam Championship in Brussels which will take place on the 26th-30th of September 2022!

The number of proposals we received was unexpected! We are now evaluating all the proposals carefully and we will contact all the people until the end of May.

Thank you all for the support! 

"All we are is Poetry Slam"



satellite PROGRAM





Our first appointment:
26 september - 30 september

Poetry Slam




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What is a poetry slam?


In a practical sense, the Poetry Slam is a poetic competition, those who participate register before the event starts, present poetry of their own authorship, have a three minutes time limit per presentation and the use of external elements such as costumes or other types of accessories is not allowed. The purpose of these rules is to guarantee equity between participants.

A five members jury taken from the audience decides with marks that are generally from one to ten with decimals, who wins the competition.

The competition does not determine that someone is a "better" artist among the group, it is simply a pretext for the poetic event to have emotion and at the same time serve as a stimulus for artistic creation and development.

"All we are is Poetry Slam"