Reminding everyone that every member of the board is eligible for the position of secretary and president, here you have the possibility to see why some of our members offered themselves to take charge of the vacant positions.

The voting system will be explained and communicated through every channel as soon as ready, the communication group will follow you in any step, contact us if you have any problem:

If you’re not a board member, please contact: with your request, the board will discuss all candidacies and deliberate accordingly. Thank you

Secretary position

I am committed to profesionalize WPSO in order to assure cultural rights for poetic voices that have been silenced historically.
With the purpose of reaching our common goals as Secretary I can coordinate and follow up tasks, organize and program communications, and represent our organisation when needed.

President position

I never believed in hierarchical structures, and when I entered the whatsapp group that eventually became this organization, I was happy to see and be part of a great horizontal movement, where everyone is equal and give what they can. In a horizontal organization no one is above others, and the president position is just an external interface for bureaucratic duties.
That’s why I’m here, not to be president (I’d prefer not to), but to give everyone the freedom and support to do what they can. I believe we should continue with the working groups structure, which I think is great, so, as I proposed longtime ago, I would like to have more than one person taking care of the bureaucratic stuff, so that more people know what’s to be done and more people can contribute to better decisions. I offer to take this facade position if we organize elections so that at least two other people are willing to create with me the bureaucratic group, so that communication and procedures will be smoother, easier, more open and clear; so that this organization of peers can work together towards the common goal we had when we happily joined, and so that in the future anyone can take this position knowing there will be other knowledgeable people to support and help them, and so that work will continue seamlessly.