Mission statement and vision: towards respect, openness and inclusivity

We, the team of WPSO, have agreed upon the following mission statement in relation to the organization which will
be the coordinating body of the world championship poetry slam and the international exchange between slam poets
around the world.
The organization will have as vision & mission statement the following:

- Advocation of poetry slam as a mean of emancipation and improvement of our society so that there is global equity;
- Freedom of speech must be guaranteed as long as it does not imply any kind of impairment, detriment or harm
to others;
- Advocating of slam as an open stage conformed by all the oppressed and invisibilized silenced voices: women, LGBTQI+,
precarized and racialized people, and diverse corporalities or other populations not mentioned and that are also
exposed to some type of discrimination by a common oppressor, namely the white hetero-patriarchal cis supremacy and
its system of oppression;
- Supporting the efforts of local, regional and international poetry slam communities to travel and stay under optimum
conditions, when visiting other scenes to perform;
- Supporting the efforts in the professionalizing of the worldwide poetry slam scene both what is concerned the
organizational and logistical aspects of slam scenes and slam competitions (Exchange of best practices
and white papers;
- Establishing a database of shared information, research, critique and translations; Establishing a multimedia
platform which contains information and examples of what is happening in the slam scene) as well as the support of
emerging and established artistic talent;
- Providing support for (academic) seminars, round tables, discussion platforms,... about topics related
to poetry slam and supporting research into formats which make slam poetry more widely known and available;
- Promoting slam poetry in all its forms and formats globally;
- Organizing the World Poetry Slam Festival (including the World Championships) and where needed and requested, assist
in the organization of continental slampionships;
- Respect for the person, on stage and off stage, and for the poetry and the point of view performed;
- Advocation of respect towards all people regardless of sex, gender identity, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation,
origin, caste or class, income or property, language, religion, convictions, opinions, health or disability;
- Advocation of respect for all living entities on this planet.