How to become a member of WPSO aisbl

If you want to join the global Slamily and become a member of the worldwide slam community and send us the following information:

For physical members

A signed version of the WPSO Statement, your personal data, name, given name, place of birth, date of birth, stage name if you have one, a copy of your passport or ID, your residency & postal address.

For organisations

Same documentation that is required for the physical members of the legal signatory, the statutory documents of the organisation with a signed declaration by their administrative body or legal representative that they want to join. The WPSO statement in that case needs to be signed by those people too. If the statutory documents are not in a language in which WPSO is communicating officially (NL, FR , ES, PT, EN), these documents need to be translated into one of these languages.


  • There is a yearly membership fee, which now is at 75€ and which is voted upon by the general assembly of which you will be a member.
  • When all these documents are mailed it is the general assembly which will approve the membership with a 2/3 quorum of votes at their next meeting. 
  • The General Assembly takes place at least once a year.

If you want to become a member, please contact us!