Our first inclusive World Poetry Slam Championship will take place in Brussels from the 27th to the 29th of September 2022. Apart from the championship itself, during these days we will be offering a satellite program of diverse activities, collaborating with Brussel´s based artists and organizations, to make this an unforgettable experience for all!

We have invited 40 champions from 37 countries around the world! This is the biggest international Poetry Slam Championship, where all the poets are already winners!






Victoria Equihua

Poet, feminist, seamstress, salesperson and workshop owner, she believes in rebellion and self-management. Coordinates community theater and poetry workshops with children and women.

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3. Algeria - Epsilon - Pic portrait.png



Passionate about science and literature. It is said of me that I am a fine mix between Marie Curie and Marguerite Duras. Algerian slam champion 2021 and 3rd best speaker of Constantine 2021.

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5. Togo - Roi Bokon -Pic portrait.jpg


Roi Bokon

Trained as a lawyer, Roi Bokon took his first steps as a slammer in 2015 with the Amnesty International movement before joining the open stages of the capital.


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6. Japan - Hironobu Koori - profile picture.png


Hironobu Koori

Hailing from Japan, has been active as a performance poet since 2005. In 2021, he participated in his first slam, and made it through the East Tokyo to the National Finals of KOTOBA Slam Japan 2021.

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10. Guinea - EOB - profile pic.jpeg



Double inter-school champion, national champion of Guinea and Africa of Slam.

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11. Haiti - Bevenslameur - performance pic.jpg



Beaubrun Youven was born in Haiti on December 6, 2002 in Delmas. Novelist, poet and Slammer, national slam champion 2021.


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13. Cuba - Afibola Sifunola Umoja - profile pic.jpeg


Afibola Sifunola Umoja

Afibola Sifunola Umoja is a spoken-word artist and activist from Havana, Cuba. Her work as a poet focuses on giving voice and visibility to the rights and needs of the Afro-LGTBQA community.

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15. Brazil-Anna Moura-win photo.jpeg


Anna Moura

Anna Moura is an artist of Brazilian music and poetry. It´s 12 years of independent and authorial career. Her production portrays her experiences as a black woman, dyke and street artist in Brazil. 

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17. Guatemala - Luis Fernando Pineda Alvizures - profile pic.jpeg


Luis Fernando Pineda Alvizures

Poet and engineer, passionate for poetry and stage since childhood. Younger in a family of 9. Slammer since 2018. Luis Fernando enjoys poetry with powerful messages.

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19. Magadascar - FASA - performance pic.jpg



FASA Louise Aurélie born in 1998 in Toamasina, in the east of Madagascar. She discovered slam at the age of 15 and became champion of Madagascar in 2020.

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21. New Zealand_Daniel Goodwin_profile photo.jpg

New Zealand

Dan Goodwin

Dan Goodwin (they/them) is a Scottish-Pākeha performance poet, actor and writer. A 2016 MA graduate of RADA / Birkbeck in London, they are the current Auckland and New Zealand National slam champion.

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23. Uruguay - Puti Futurista - pic profile.jpeg


Puti Futurista

I was born into a family with problems such as poverty, abandonment, domestic violence, homophobia, depression and some other issues in a city with a mostly retrograde population such as Paysandú.

    26. Italy_Matteo Di Genova_profile photo.jpg


    Matteo Di Genova

    Born in 1989, I'm an actor and a sound system MC. In 2015 I joined Italian slam scene and since then I'm still here holding the mic.

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    25. Chile - Mercuria - foto perfil.jpeg



    Mercuria is daughter of the sea and the tempest, sudaka actress and writer, she brings from Puerto Montt in Chile, incendiary critical poetry. Author of the book "Saca tus demonios a bailar".

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    29. Cyprus - Argyris Loizou - profile pic.jpg


    Argyris loizou

    National Poetry Slam Champion of Cyprus 2019-20 and 2021. Founder of Pe'Ta! Open Mics Est2018. Patron of Larnaka The Anthology.


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    31. Argentina-Checha Kadener-prize photo.jpg


    Checha Kadener

    Actress, teacher and theater director, poet Slammer. She uses the word as a tool of expression with which to bring to the stage the different inequalities that cross society.

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    32. Mali - FANTA MARIKO - profile pic.jpeg



    Fanta Mariko, daughter of sirikouma Mariko and Halimatou Diallo born 06/07/2003 in segou. National champion of Mali national competition of slam poetry organized by agoratoire group.

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    35. Cameroon - Brice Yoga - profile pic.jpg


    Brice Yoga

    The National Grand Slam Association of Cameroon has existed since 2016, it is in the 5th edition of the national slam competition in Cameroon.


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    37. Australia_Huda Fadlelmawla_profile photo.jpg


    Huda The Goddess

    Huda Fadlelmawla is proud African woman who aims to represent black muslim women through poetry.she is poet, educator and community activists. storytelling is a connection to her culture and people.

      39. RD Congo_Jeny Paria_Profil Photo.png

      Democratic Republic of Congo

      Jenny Paria

      Grace NZENGO, alias Jenny Paria, is a slam poet and rapper from Goma, in Eastern DR Congo, member of the Goma Slam Session collective, he leads writing workshops in schools and prisons.

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      Greece - Opening semi-finals

      dimitris stamiris

      Dimitris Stamiris is a poet based in Athens. He started slamming in the beginning of 2020 and he is the National Champion of Poetry Slam Gr for the period 2020-2021. His poetry is mostly existential.

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      BELGIUM - opening finals

      Loeke Vanhoutteghem

      Loeke is a performance artist and poet with a passion for language in all its forms. One of her trademarks is that she mixes languages and dialects within one text, to evoke the plurality of society. Loeke won different slam championships in Belgium and gives workshops and courses in spoken word.

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      2. Calebasse - Jeff Eusébio - Pic portrait.jpg

      Calebasse Togo

      Jeff Eusébio

      Jeff Eusébio, the ugly poet in the service of beauty, he is a poet-slammer born with a microphone in his left hand and a feather in his mouth. Three-time national slam cup champion.

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      4. Chad - ABED-NEGO - Pic portrait.jpg



      ABED NEGO has been passionate about writing since his childhood. He writes about child abuse, women, politics. As a Medical Student, he developed Slamédoc and Christ'slam concepts.

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      7. Mauritius -Ninja - portrait pic.jpg



      My name is Pierre Louis Maxs Juguilio and I'm the national slam champion of Mauritius. My performing name is Ninja. I won the second place for the Africa cup of slam poetry.

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      8. Spain - Mama Fiera - portrait pic.jpg


      Mama Fiera

      Sandra Lucena (Mama Fiera) professional flamenco dancer, she also studies art history and theater. She plays percussion and sings rap in her duo Pluma and cooperates with different social projects.

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      9. Spain_Zero_Profile Photo.png



      Adrián Panero "Zero" winner of Poetry Slam Valladolid in 2019 and 2020, runner-up in Poetry Slam Spain in 2021 and winner of the Runners Up Championship. Member of the hip-hop group called "OSR".

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      12. Croatia - Hrvoje Mimica - portrait pic.jpg


      Hrvoje Mimica

      I was born in Zagreb 1967. I have two children. I won the Croatien Slam Poetry Championship and was 5th at the European Championships in Brussels. I perform as a drummer and rapper and at slam events.

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      14. Hungary - Veroni Gyenge - profile photo.jpg


      Gyenge Veroni

      Veroni is a slam poet born in Slovakia as Hungarian minority. Sometimes she likes to suffer on the stage, sometimes she is rapping about her hair, other times she is just dancing with her words.

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      16. Brazil - Joice Zau - profile pic.jpg

      Brazil /Angola

      Joice Zau

      My name is Joice Zau, born in Cabinda, Angola, Africa, second daughter of 6 brothers. I am an engineer, slammer, poet, artivist and event organizer.

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      18. Costa Rica - Andrea Gómez Jiménez - profile photo.png

      Costa Rica

      Andrea Gómez Jiménez

      Actress, poet, performer, arts teacher and researcher, feminist and queer artivist. Three-time National Slam Champion in CR. In 2022 she will publish her first book: 9 poems that won championships.

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      20. Ireland_Michael Wilson_profile photo.jpg


      Michael Wilson

      Michael Wilson's Bilingual By Accident, Buy his book tonight!



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      22. Austria_Tamara Stocker_profile photo.jpg


      Tamara Stocker

      Tamara stumbled into slam poetry in 2019. Since then, it has been an integral part of her life – a place to let off steam & creative outlet for all crazy thoughts that have no place in her work-life.

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      24. Poland_Sad Tuna_profile photo.jpg


      Smutny Tuńczyk / Sad Tuna

      Smutny Tuńczyk (Sad Tuna) - Polish Champion in Poetry Slam 2020. He works as a Polish language teacher and animator at KulturAkcja Foundation in Poznań.

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      27. Belgium - Marie Darah - profile pic.jpg


      Marie Darah

      Multidisciplinary artist ; actoress, writer, slammer. Genderfluid & vegan. They published a short book entitled "Depuis que tu n'as pas tiré". A second one "Beneath Black Tar" will came on springs.

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      28. CANADA_Nisha Patel_Profile Photo.jpg


      Nisha Patel

      Nisha Patel is an artist, author, and Canadian Slam Champion. Find her at nishapatel.ca.

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      30. Slovenia_Matic Acko_Profile Photo.jpg


      Matic Ačko

      Matic Ačko is a slam poet from Maribor. He has been performing since 2017, being Slovenia’s vice champion twice before winning in 2021. He is the leader of the Maribor slam family “Slam Zverine”.

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      33. Botswana - Anthony M. Molosi - pic profile.jpg



      AnthXny participated at the Africa Cup of slam poetry in Ethiopia. His work featured in the Button poetry platform, and International Video festival in Greece.

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      34. Dominican Republic - Yaissa Jimenez - pic 3.jpg

      Dominican Republic

      Yaissa Jimenez

      DR, 1986. Writer, poet, performer and scriptwriter addicted to observation. Author of "Ritual Papaya". MFA al New York University NYU Creative Writing Program . Winner of Abya Yala Poetry Slam 2022.

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      36. France_Neimad_profile photo.jpg



      User of the world, involved poet and dreamer. Each text is a piece, a parcel of me. I have various inspirations and navigate between variety and hip-hop.

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      38. South Africa_Xabiso Vili_Profile Photo.jpg

      South Africa

      Xabiso Vili

      Xabiso Vili is a multi-award winning writer, performer, social activist, new media artist and producer obsessed with how to use innovative creativity for healing and therapy.

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      Gonçalves Gonçalo

      Gonçalves Gonçalo is a 27-year-old Mozambican slammer. He began his career as a poet in 2010. In 2021, he won the 3rd Edition of Moz-Slam (Spoken Poetry Battle organized in Mozambique.

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      profile picture of champion_edited.jpg

      North Macedonia - Opening semi-finals

      Nikola Dukoski

      Holds a B.A. in psychology. A Gestalt therapist under supervision who works with children. Loves nature, sports, singing. In the Macedonian finals, in 2020, was the third runner-up; in 2021, the second.

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