meet the SOUTH AMERICA champions 2020

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CHECHA CADENER - Argentina National Champion 2020

Checha Kadener is an Argentinian actress, teacher and theater director and is currently pursuing a university degree in Pedagogy at UMET.

She trained as a Dramatic Actress, Clown and Improvisation Actress in various Institutions, among which are: The National University Institute of Art (currently called UNA), the San Martín Cultural Center, the Ricardo Rojas Cultural Center and the International School of Improvisation LPI.

She complemented her professional training in the areas of Singing, Vocal Education, Writing and Oral Poetry, Classical, Modern and Folk Dance, and Musical Comedy.

She began to participate in Poetry cycles and Slams in 2016, obtaining numerous first places in different Cups and spaces.

She stood on the championship podium of the “Slam Capital”, obtaining third place in 2016 and 2017, second place in 2018 and first place in 2019. In 2019 she also came first in the special cup "56 days against human trafficking,” a theme that particularly challenges and interests her and about which she has written and recited several texts. She has also adapted a play on the same theme, which she directs and stars, alongside other actresses.

In 2020, after becoming the representative of the City of Buenos Aires, she participated in the Argentinian Slam, along with other champions of different slams from all over the country, obtaining first place.

In 2021 she was runner-up in the Abya Yala Poetrys Slam Friendly Tournament and finalist in the Poetwtch Friendly tournament organized by LIPS - Lega Italiana Poetry Slam and the World Poetry Slam Association.