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Receiving a number of 20 poets around Europe, and getting to know them, was a great experience for all the team. How we got to know them? Through their poems of course! Even though we didn’t have endless rounds of performances with different poems, we did have many rehearsals with different clothes, as an artist is supposed to do! 

We are super thankful to all the people of the venue Le Jacques Franck who made us feel like home and embraced our project since the beginning. To show how thankful we were, we filled up the place in a snowing day and we washed our plates as real poets do!

1. MARIE DARAH Belgium

Marie is an artist living in Brussels. They're questioning equity and openness, to find a balance,  create their own path, and wrestle through, understanding they are in the middle of a roundabout of intersectionality.

Marie Darah won the 1st place with an amazing poem called "Bravo" and it´s about how hard it is to live with a trauma in your life, having everybody congratulating you for being strong. Having people hiding behind alcohol and then they give us a very strong verse saying "Drink is to live without committing suicide". They speak about rape, absent fathers, drunk mothers, racism, lgbtqia+++phobia to end up saying "I´ll create my own jar of happiness, with spoons friends, forks of kindness" and "Let´s fight  to respect everyone: species, races, sexes, genders, elements."



Mama Fiera is  a dancer, artist & rapper from Madrid who lives in Menorca. In 2018 Mama Fiera took 1st place in the Balearics & 4th in the Spanish slam scenes. Since 2019, she’s formed half of the musical duo Pluma. 

Matteo is a Slammer since 2015, he went to the national finals in 2016. He won the 2017 Dubito prize (the most famous Italian spoken music competition). In 2021 he came second in the Italian slam championship.

Mama Fiera won the 2nd place with the poem "I take the floor". A poem about words and their truth. She says:
"I take the floor with my words bravely and I hug them to struggle mightily against the numbers that erect walls and break ties"
She takes it from the personal to political and from political to the inner self, to our intimate misunderstandings. She uses words to make us speechless.

"Words that nobody understands, but serve for politics..."
"I take the floor with the responsibility that involves altering the void, breaking the silence, that holds All..."

Matteo Di Genova won the 3rd place with the poem "Hordes of little colorful intellectuals". A poem about... intellectuals maybe... Matteo is criticizing the intellectuality and the social status, describing the system through a rather soft porn monologue genuinely

"I dream hordes of little colorful intellectuals that dance in front of walls of young young crayon sound and they don´t do middle class new age assholes´things like holding hands..."

MAKIS MOULOS opening poem

Makis Moulos, co-organizer of the European Poetry Slam Championship in Brussels, opened the show with his poem "Believe in your murderer".
Makis said:

"The truth in this poem was my kind of salvation".
The poem is about the everyday life of an LGBTQI+++ person, the fear and the continues hiding of our existence. 

"This is the 21st century,
where to love, makes you worry
and to hate, makes you a hero
and this is me, trying to exist, instead of just living"

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