Philip Meersman

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Philip Meersman is curator of the Brussels Planetarium Poetry Fest (poetryfest.brussels) and coordinator of the Belgian, European and Worldwide informal national slam competitions.
He coordinates the itinerant organization of the European Championships Poetry Slam.
He is co-founder and
coordinator of the newly established World Poetry Slam Organization with which he organizes a new itinerant Inclusive World Championship Poetry Slam.
As a multilingual poet he pushes the boundaries of written and spoken poetry based on the news, socio-political or environmental topics. He performs worldwide and gives experimental, visual and performance poetry workshops. Meersman is Master in Art Sciences and Archeology at the Flemish Free University of Brussels.
Currently he is doing a PhD at the AP University College of Antwerp on the transformation of visual poetry into an immersive XR-experience.

In 2014 Three Rooms Press in New York published his first poetry collection “This is Belgian Chocolate: Manifestations of Poetry”

which received good reviews in the US http://www.brooklynrail.org/2015/04/books/this-is-belgian-chocolate-manifestations-of-poetry as well as in Flanders http://www.tzum.info/2014/08/recensie-philip -meersman-belgian-chocolate /
Earlier Contrabas Publishing House published his now sold out “Manifesto for Poetry”, which was also positively received:
https://lettergoesting.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/311/ and https://meandermagazine.nl/2013/01/een- harbor-reliek/

On the fault line of 2020 and 2021, his second English-language poetry book appeared at Cyberwit Press in Allahabad, India “There Is Blue Somewhere”, Cyberwit.net, 118p, Allahabad, India, ISBN: 9789390202966 (https://www.cyberwit.net/publications/1522)

Meersman turns his poems into sculptural, location-bound works of art, and dates them, just as visual artists do.
He also provides his poems with a marker of the creation location and defines the used writing techniques and materials.
There Is Blue Somewhere is therefore not only a collection of poetry, but also a travel chronicle and exhibition catalog.

There Is Blue Somewhere opens on an ocean teeming with humanity and its various waste products. This surreal vista that Philip Meersman paints is 'Mare Nostrum': a mirror image of the mess we have created. Over fat mountains, across a Mediterranean filled with hopeless life-rafts, and through drone-filled war-zones, crowds of beggars, and swarms of social media influencers, no human foible escapes Meersman's caustic, socially conscious gaze.

Reviews of There Is Blue Somewhere by his peers:

(T)he lines in There Is Blue Somewhere are perfect companions for helping to realize that the way we go somewhere may be more important than wherever we think we’re trying to get.
Mark Wallace, Professor in the Literature department at California State University San Marcos
This impassioned, witty, elegiac book captures the performative power of Meersman's work on the page, (...) These are unflinching poems that defy the reader to ignore the message they carry: that we must change our lives.
Jessica Traynor, writer, dramaturg and creative writing teacher based in Dublin
This is the endeavor that is rooted deep in the cultural heritage of Europe but free and solo in the vast ocean of our post-singularity future. There got to be Blue Somewhere.
Yasuhiro Yotsumoto, poet based in Japan

Philip Meersman is blue. So is his newest book. (...) Like the water of life, reflecting heaven. Blue like eternity. (...) that’s what this beautiful poetry collection is about: possibility.
Sharon Mesmer, multi-genre writer and creative writing prof / techno-marm at NYU and the New School.
These poems are to be read by all of us, quietly, in the mind and feel in the soul.
Rati Saxena, poet, writer,  translator, editor and festival director of kritya International poetry festival, India.

Meersman’s poems are as real as they are surreal, as rooted to the ground as they are ethereal. This collection is a quirky and unforgettable masterpiece.
Nkateko Masinga, South-African author of Psalm for Chrysanthemums currently living in Kenya.