Makis Moulos

Makis Moulos (Greece), is a trilingual writer, poet and spoken word artist, based in Barcelona, Spain. He writes and performs in Spanish, English and Greek. He has published 5 poetry anthologies and texts of him have been included in book collaborations in Spain, Greece and the US. He uses his confident style to explore themes such as sexuality, stigmas and gender. In the past, he used to work with various online magazines and radio stations, writing critics about music, books and biographical or poetic/literature theme movies.


Makis is the organizer and founder of:


  • "poENtry slam" (Poetry Slam tournament in English) in Barcelona.

  • "Poetry Slam Gr" in Greece.

  • “Duende Sessions Festival”, an annual festival in Barcelona, which combines live music with spoken word performances.


Makis is also the publisher of the quarterly "poENtry slam magazine" in Barcelona in English, sold in his events. The magazine includes all the poems of the poets who performs in his event for the period, plus articles featuring  spoken word artists from around the world and the 10 favorite poets of him for the period, plus recommendation of all the youtube channels where you can see poetry slam and spoken word performances, plus recommendations of movies about poetry slam and poetic character, plus local and worldwide news about poetry events.


In 2019 he launched the band "True Love W8s", performing his poems live with violin, guitar, piano and sound effects, adding cover songs with various female vocals in his performances. In 2020 he started the project "Digital Girl" with his soulmate Jane Dalida during the pandemic period, combining video poetry with experimental music and verses about the situation we are living, due to the need of expression under unique circumstances.


Makis is a film editor and video producer and in 2020 he directed and edited the spoken word movie "Duende Sessions festival - The Movie".

Websites: www.poetryslam.gr


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