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Jim Just Jim

Jim Miele (Brooklyn, USA, 1956) (aka Jim Just Jim) has been slamming since 2009 and organizing in local slam scenes on Mallorca since 2010. Perhaps because he slams mostly in English to a Spanish & Catalan speaking public, there are few accolades in his slamming history on Mallorca. Despite the language barrier, over the years he has won three monthly slams in Palma and went on to the local Mallorcan finals on two occasions. He has participated a number of times in the English language poENtry slam in Barcelona, and during his very first appearance there he literally blew out the lights at the venue.


Jim was invited to slam at the inauguration of the Ibiza slam scene and took part in the pan-Balearic festival in Menorca, besides slamming a number of times in Berlin. He has been invited to participate in three international slam festivals, the most recent of which took place in Madrid in 2019. He also avidly participates in exhibition slam events with the hope of increasing the local slam fandom, or slamdom. He founded and organized a local slam for three years in the small town of Bunyola where he resides and is currently on the board of the national Spanish slam scene, Poetry Slam España (Eslam).


Jim is a linguist, translator and English language instructor by profession and is now retired from the classroom. While still active, he taught a course in the English Narrative as well as the required core course on poetry for five years in the local university’s English Philology program, where he was also invited by the department as a practitioner of slam poetry to take part in an academic round table discussion on trends in the performing arts. While teaching English language for the university’s Linguistic Service, he brought slam poetry into his classroom syllabus and awakened an interest in slamming among his students, many of whom had previously exhibited acute cases of poemaphobia at the start of the semester. He takes pride in the fact that a number of his former philology students went on to become colleagues of his at the Official School of Languages on Mallorca.


Jim claims he coined the word slamilia (slamily) about ten years ago to describe the community created in the local slam scene. Also, he was there sitting around on the side of a mountain on Mallorca brainstorming with some poets when slammer Salva Soler came up with what became the local slam scene’s motto: You’ll Never Slam Alone!


Jim has produced two chapbooks of original works and only regrets not having tagged along on a trip in June 2019 to the Fusion Festival near Berlin where his lovely wife was able to see Kate Tempest perform live on stage.