meet the european champions 2020

Argyris Loizou.jpg

ARGYRIS LOIZOU - Cyprus National Champion 2020

Poetry Slam Cyprus

Argyris Loizou is the for the second time in a row the National Champion of Cyprus. He was the champion in 2019, having the chance to participate at the semi-finals of the European Poetry Slam Championship, which was held online in Maribor, Slovenia in December 2020.


DIMITRIS STAMIRIS - Greece National Champion 2020

Poetry Slam Greece

Dimitris Stamiris (Athens, Greece, 1998), is a poet and spoken word artist based in Athens. Dimitris started slamming in the beginning of 2020 and he is the National Champion of Poetry Slam Gr for the period 2020-2021. His poetry deals with existential matters and the catharsis of writing, combining social behaviors and personal experiences, in order to explore the bias and find a way to calm down the frustration created by the injustice around the world. His first poetry anthology will be published in spring 2021.

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ZORAN HEMFRI DIMOSKI - Macedonia National Champion 2020

Poetry Slam Macedonia

Zoran Hemfri Dimoski was born in Prilep, Macedonia. He is a freelance artist who most of his live has worked in Italy. He is a poet, a slam poet and a regular participant and supporter of the Macedonian National Poetry Slam Championship.