meet the CENTRAL AMERICA champions 2020


ALFREDO RAC PATZÁN - Guatemala National Champion 2020


Alfredo Rac Patzán, Born on December 10, 1987, the son of a rose seller and a bricklayer. Prudencia Patzán Sabán and Modesto Rac Yoc.
Started to Slam in 2011. In August 2013 Alfredo won his pass to the final of the same year, that was his first and most important prize, it gave him the opportunity to face excellent poets and beat them in the game. Seven years later, in 2020 he was crowned two-time champion in Guatemala and at the same time he won his pass for the Abya Yala Poetry Slam that will be held in Brazil in 2021.

Regarding Poetry Slam championships he says "The greatest victory of the poetry slam for me, are all those people that I have met, I have been champion because I have learned from them. And at the same time the Poetry Slam Guatemala opened a long path for my life, and I decided to study theater at the Escenarte academy where I currently work. Seeing emerging poets is the greatest triumph in a country where crime has flourished.